Software I have either developed myself or I have contributed to significantly are found in the websites of the GitHub organizations JuliaMusic and JuliaDynamics:


Below is a summary of the various software packages:


DynamicalBilliards.jl is an easy-to-use, modular and extendable Julia package for dynamical billiards in two dimensions.


DynamicalSystems.jl is a Julia software library for the exploration of chaos and nonlinear dynamics.


Applications to interactively explore chaotic dynamical systems.


A software package created to help scientists deal with their simulations!


The MusicManipulations.jl package has advanced functionality about note processing, data extraction, quantizing and other similar processes that related to music data.


MotifSequenceGenerator.jl is a very simple module that does a very simple thing: based on a pool of motifs with specified lengths, it makes a random sequence out of them so that the sequence also has a specified length!


Software for reading and writing MIDI data with Julia. Also offers specialized structures for music notes.