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Kac’s Lemma and solid-state nanodevices?

September 05, 2018

Talk, Dynamics Days Europe 2018, Loughborough, England

Talk about the billiards aspect of the first half of my Ph.D., mainly revolving about how we used Kac’s lemma to connect and prove the fundamental phase-space properties of billiards with the resistance of solid state nanodevices.

The Nature of Micro-Timing Deviations in Musical Performances

March 03, 2018

Talk, German Physical Society (DPG) Spring Meeting 2018, Berlin, Germany

This talk had two parts: the first was presenting the paper (Sogorski, Geisel and Priesemann, PLoS One 13 (1), 2018 ) of our “music research group” in the MPIDS. I only participated briefly in this project.

Husimi Functions in graphene: Measuring Klein Tunneling

March 01, 2018

Talk, German Physical Society (DPG) Spring Meeting 2018, Berlin, Germany

Using the Husimi function in scattering wavefunctions obtained in tight-binding simulations of nanodevices. Extending the concept of the Husimi function for electrons moving in magnetic fields. Applying these tools in graphene, specifically to study Klein tunneling from a different perspective.

Jumping into Julia

May 24, 2017

Tutorial, Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization, Göttingen, Germany

Half-day workshop that introduced the Julia programming language to scientists already familiar with programming.

Ballistic(?) transport in graphene antidot super-lattices

March 01, 2017

Talk, German Physical Society (DPG) Spring Meeting 2017, Dresden, Germany

Talk about the first year of my PhD project, in which we found signatures of ballistic motion in devices with mean free path much too short to allow for such signatures to be visible.